Practising Privileges Policy

Last updated: 20th April 2022

Next Review Due: 1st April 2023


Executive summary/purpose


  • This policy provides details and information under which the licensed clinical practitioners may be granted approval and authorization by the Chief Medical Officer and Chief Executive Officer of MyConsultant to provide healthcare advice and services via the MyConsultant platform.

  • These are referred to as the Practicing Privileges (PPs) and are deemed as the authorization of the selected clinicians to undertake telemedicine consultations, prescribe medicines and write letters via the consulting platform.

  • The agreement acknowledges that clinicians are not employed by MyConsultant but provide direct clinical care, although not managed by the MyConsultant staff.

  • MyConsultant is responsible for recruitment of consultants that are licensed by the GMC.


Scope/roles and responsibilities


  • The consultant given PPs must:

    • Be of good character

    • Not be convicted of any offence in the UK or elsewhere

    • Have the adequate qualifications, competence and skills necessary for the work performed by them

    • Act in accordance with the policies provided by MyConsultant

    • Have up to date revalidation with a Designated Body approved by the GMC.


  • It says that as a good doctor you will:

    • make the care of your patient your first concern

    • be competent and keep your professional knowledge and skills up to date

    • take prompt action if you think patient safety is being compromised

    • establish and maintain good partnerships with your patients and colleagues

    • maintain trust in you and the profession by being open, honest and acting with integrity.

    • Use your professional judgement and expertise to apply the principles in this guidance to the various situations you face.


  • The Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

    • Is a GMC registered medical practitioner who must oversee any issues and provide support to all team members.

    • Provide professional leadership

    • Represent MyConsultant to external bodies

    • Accept responsibility for decisions and changes in the service

    • Is the recognized lead for medical and regulatory activities for MyConsultant

    • Works under the regulation of Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS)



Eligibility for Practicing Privileges


The following criteria have been set in accordance to the Independent Healthcare Providers (IHC) Practising Privileges Guidance and Checklist available at


  • Any consultant given practicing privileges must be approved by the Board and our Chief Executive Officer.

  • The clinician must appear on the GMC register.

  • The consultant must be of consultant-level having completed training.

  • The consultant application must provide evidence of identification, address, medical insurance cover and has the right to work in the UK.

  • A Disclosure Scotland PVG check shall be completed on each clinician

  • The clinician should have 2 references.

  • The clinician agrees to read/watch and understand induction training content prior to starting.

  • Sign a practicing privileges contract as per the HIS Practising Privileges checklist below.


Applications for Practicing Privileges


  • Applications and criteria can be accessed through the MyConsultant online portal, and authorization is subject to assessment by the MyConsultant approval process.

  • A clinician who has been authorized and has practicing privileges is an independent self-employed contract; they are not an employee of MyConsultant.

  • As such, they are responsible for their own tax and national insurance payments. Any contracting work on MyConsultant is not pensionable.

  • Consultants must provide evidence of a Medical Indemnity Certificate telehealth cover to cover private sessions.

  • Applicants must provide evidence of appropriate GMC registration and license to practice.

  • Applicants must upload their last appraisal document and/or revalidation certificate whichever document was most recently received..

  • Applicants will need to disclose

    • any investigations, dismissal or informal but enforced leave of absence in the NHS

    • any investigation, restriction, suspension or withdrawal of practicing privileges by any other healthcare provider

    • any investigation, restriction, suspension by any regulatory bodies

  • Applicants should provide evidence of DBS/PVG checks that are valid.


Scope of practice


  • If granted PPs, the consultant may use the MyConsultant platform to:

    • perform video-call consultations

    • prescribe medicines

    • write letters for patients

  • The consultants will be expected to note down records from each consultation for record keeping purposes

Annual review


  • There will be an annual review of PPs and consultants providing their services via the MyConsultant platform.

  • A review will ensure the medical practitioner is up to date with revalidation process as per the GMC.


Restriction, suspension or withdrawal of PPs


  • PPs may be restricted, suspended or removal by the Chief Medical Officer at any given time.

  • The Chief Medical Officer will discuss such cases with the Chief Executive Officer and the Board, however if there is an immediate patient safety risk the PPs may be withdrawn immediately by the Chief Medical Officer.

  • If deemed necessary, onward referral to the GMC may be performed.

  • Suspension may be temporary depending on investigations.

  • Examples of situations that may rise to restriction, suspension or withdrawal include

    • Failure to comply with MyConsultant policies

    • Health/probity issues of the consultant

    • Fitness to practice issues including undergoing an investigation that is not yet concluded including those in other healthcare work outside of MyConsultant.

    • Where misconduct of clinical or non-clinical work has occurred, on the MyConsultant platform or outwith.

    • Abusive behavior with MyConsultant staff or healthcare work elsewhere


Right to appeal


  • A consultant who has had her or his PPs restricted, suspended or withdrawn has a right to appeal within 7 days of the decision.

  • The appeal will be formally reviewed independently by multiple members of the MyConsultant board before a decision is finalized by the Chief Medical Officer.

  • The decision of the Chief Medical Officer will be final.


Referral to the GMC


  • Referrals to the GMC will be made in cases in accordance to the GMC guidance: Raising and acting on concerns about patient safety (2012).